Diversity both in culture and education forms the foundation of the team, here, at Lighthouse Canton thereby allowing us to provide services from a variety of perspectives.

Extensive experience and collaborative structure helps in generating fresh ideas & perspectives.

We aim to understand our clients' goals and to provide with intellect, transparency & creativity, our services to realize them.

Our Team

Shilpi Chowdhary, CEO & Managing Director

Audrey Tang
, Director
Business Management

Charlene Lin, Director
Client Advisor

Gaurav Mehta, Associate Director

Zhong Shiyao, Chartered Accountant
Accounts & Consolidation

Lim Ying Hui, Assistant Relationship Manager

Johan Ong, Junior Investment Advisor

Amanda Ong, Analyst

Rajesh SundaresanCIO & Managing Director

Sunil Kalra, Managing Director
Portfolio Manager, LC Beacon Global Fund

Dinesh Gogia, Director
Head of Risk & Compliance

Jignesh Desai
, Director

Vishnu Prabhu, Vice President

Anil Sukhwani, Vice President

Huang Hao, Analyst